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Single Tooth Implant
Victorville, CA

Smiling woman with dental implants from Kelly Smile Dentistry in Victorville, CAOur team of dentists here at are dedicated to providing you with the most effective options when it comes to receiving a durable dental implant that will be virtually indistinguishable from your natural teeth. A single tooth Implant is a fantastic option for someone with a heavily damaged tooth that cannot be salvaged, or who has already lost a tooth.

A single tooth implant is custom made to fit perfectly and will fully replace the structure of a heavily damaged or missing tooth. In contrast to other methods like crowns or bonds that are applied to a damaged tooth to add stability and durability while positively impacting appearance, a single tooth dental implant functions as a total replacement that will remain fixed.

Recovery Process

A dental implant requires an anchor point, known as an abutment, that will require a significant amount of time to heal. An abutment is a very stable anchor point that will connect with the underlying bones within your mouth, to ensure stable and permanent implant seating.
Every individual varies, so be sure to talk to our team of dentists to get an accurate estimate on how long you should expect to heal before the permanent dental implant can be placed in its final form.

During this healing process, our team will create a custom-fitted and carefully colored dental implant that will serve as your new tooth. Depending on your circumstances, other forms of tooth repair and restoration may be used, so be sure to consult our dentists to be certain of the best course of action. If you are missing several teeth, we can also insert multiple tooth dental implants as well.


A single tooth dental implant offers a myriad of benefits that you will be sure to enjoy if you choose to undergo this helpful procedure. For instance, a dental implant has the benefit of acting just like a natural tooth by remaining securely supported on its own. Unlike dental bridges that require other surrounding teeth to support the bridge, a dental implant acts just like a natural tooth.

With proper care, a dental implant can be very long-lasting, typically remaining for 25 years to a lifetime when maintained with care. This stands in contrast to other options like dental bridges which are significantly less durable and will eventually require a replacement over time.

A single tooth dental implant is unparalleled for its aesthetic appearance, as it will resemble a natural tooth in virtually every regard. A single dental implant can be placed among your existing teeth seamlessly, and as a result, will be nearly impossible to spot among your other teeth.

Another major benefit of a single tooth dental implant is the ease of care that it will provide for you. A dental implant of this variety will behave just like any other tooth, so you will not need to change up your routine to ensure that you maintain proper dental hygiene.

Our team here at Kelly Smile Dentistry want to provide you with the best dental implant experience possible, so be sure to call us at (442) 229-0766 to set up an in-house consultation and receive the information you need to make an informed decision about getting a single tooth implant or multiple tooth dental implants. Contact us at your convenience and begin your journey toward a rejuvenated smile.
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