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We can restore the strength, structure, and even teeth that are missing entirely, teeth with the addition of a prosthodontic. We require a lot from our teeth, and as we use them, damage can occur. Damage due to decay, breakage, or trauma can be repaired and restored. Our team at Kelly Smile Dentistry can review and make recommendations based on your specific needs. Prosthodontics can improve your bite, function and your look while helping you maintain a healthy smile.

Prosthodontics are customized to each patient. Working together we can design, manufacture, and fit artificial teeth. Prosthodontics can include:

Single Tooth Restoration

Singular teeth that have been damaged, weakened or broken can be restored with a prosthodontic device. Depending on the extent of the damage, we may recommend the customized restoration of a ¾ crown, known as an inlay or onlay, or a full dental crown. Inlays and onlays are created from porcelain, metal or acrylic materials, much like a crown, they are designed to restore a damaged tooth and will increase the strength of the original tooth structure. Unlike a crown, inlays and onlays do not cover the entire tooth; they are designed to fit the damaged portion, either laying over the biting surface of the tooth or set inside the tooth.

Dental crowns are created from porcelain, metal or acrylic materials. Crowns are customized to fit entirely over and around a damaged or weakened tooth, serving as a cap. This prosthodontic will provide added strength and protection to the original tooth structure extending its life considerably.

A dental bridge can be used to restore a missing tooth. When a patient has entirely lost a natural tooth, we can place a customized prosthodontic device, known as a dental bridge, to serve as a new tooth which is permanently anchored in place by two neighboring teeth. Today, patients are also using dental implants to serve as anchors when additional teeth are missing. We can review these options with you at the time of your appointment.

Multiple Teeth Restoration

Multiple teeth can be restored with a partial denture prosthodontic device. Partial dentures are customized to fit your bite and the placement of your missing teeth. Partials are often removable, but we can review and discuss the possibility of using a dental bridge for a more permanent hold, it will depend on the number and location of the missing teeth.

Patients who are missing all of their teeth, or no longer have any healthy teeth, can be fitted for a denture device. Dentures today come with a large variety of options, including how they look, how they fit, and your range of function. We can also discuss options for permanent retention through implant retained dentures during your appointment. You can be comfortable in your dentures, we can help.

Why Prosthodontics?

Prosthodontics can greatly impact your current dental needs, while also protecting your oral health in the future. From allowing proper chewing function to preventing teeth from shifting, prosthodontics can play a significant role in having and maintaining your dental health.

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