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Laser Hygiene
Victorville, CA

a patient smiling about her laser hygiene treatment from Kelly Smile Dentistry
Laser treatment can be highly effective in the cleaning of your teeth and gums to strengthen your tissue and remove harmful bacteria. A common problem among many adults is having some level of periodontal disease, or gum disease. Nonsurgical laser treatment can be used to combat these issues and help restore the health of your gums. Working with our staff at Kelly Smile Dentistry we strive to provide our patients with the latest and most effective tools and technology, increasing your health and the care provided.

It may sound extreme, but laser treatment is simple and effective. Using electric energy converted into light energy, we can produce results with precision. The laser is a directed narrow beam of light that can make targeted cuts allowing us to remove diseased tissue without impacting healthy tissue and with very limited bleeding.

In dentistry, we use laser technology in crown lengthening procedures, to assist with canker sores, and to help patients with periodontal disease. Laser treatment helps in periodontal treatment by:
•  Removing Microbes: Microbes are vulnerable to heat, laser treatment provides thermal conduction, a directed source of heat and destroys decay-causing bacteria. Additionally, microbes are affected by the wavelengths of laser treatment, providing two sources of antimicrobial treatment.
•  Debridement of at Root: Often associated with periodontal disease is damaged tissue, we can remove inflamed and diseased tissue from around the tooth root. This allows for healthier tissue to grow.
•  Biostimulation: Laser treatment has been found to do more than remove harmful elements, it has also been found to stimulate healthy growth. In fact, low-level laser therapy, such as we use in our dental office, has caught the interest of studies, for its effectiveness in wound healing and growth stimulation. This is generally assumed to be effective due to the decrease in inflammation.

How Laser Treatment is Done

Patients who are having laser treatment done will be equipped with a pair of shades; this is to protect their eyes from the intensity of the light. Treatment is simple, we may offer a local anesthetic, but most find treatment done with a laser to be pain-free. We will remove the dead or diseased tissue from around the tooth root, and remove the microbes from the gum pockets; this will allow us to scale the area then more effectively. Scaling is the removal of hardened plaque or calculus. This can be done with an ultrasonic scaler or a hand scaler. Once all decayed tissue and bacteria are removed, we can then smooth the roots through a process known as root scaling. Smoothing the roots will help the teeth reattach to the gum tissue and reduce the buildup of future bacteria.

Periodontal disease is not cured of a single treatment but is part of a continuous treatment process. Your mouth is constantly exposed to new bacteria, removing it through daily brushing and flossing, along with evaluations and cleaning appointments, we can help you have healthier teeth and gums.

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