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Invisalign® for Adults
Victorville, CA

Man wearing Invisalign clear alignerAt Kelly Smile Dentistry, we believe that a healthy smile for health families starts with orthodontic treatment and professional dental care. We enjoy treating every member of the family, from children to adults. If you are an adult in need of orthodontic treatment, you have come to the right place.

Adult orthodontics has become increasingly popular in recent years thanks to more discreet treatment options. We offer Invisalign® for adults for those who want to avoid wearing traditional metal braces. You, too, could qualify for Invisalign treatment!

Is Invisalign Right for You?

Dr. Kelly will be able to determine if you are a suitable candidate for Invisalign treatment during your initial consultation. Most people with mild to moderate crowding issues, spacing issues, and malocclusions (misaligned bites) can benefit from Invisalign treatment. Your consultation is also an excellent opportunity to ask questions and voice concerns.

Once we determine that Invisalign is right for you, we can begin treatment planning. This usually involves a digital impression of your teeth and gums, which is then sent off to the Invisalign headquarters. There, they will use this impression to fabricate a series of aligner trays. The number of trays you receive depends on the severity of your orthodontic issue.

Caring for Your Invisalign Trays

You should wear each tray 20 to 22 hours a day for two weeks. Once you are finished with one tray you simply move on to the next one in your series. Each tray is designed to move your teeth to a slightly better position. By the end of your treatment, your teeth should be in their ideal position, or very close to it.

Because the trays are removable, eating, brushing, and flossing are much easier than with other appliances. However, it is still important to practice good oral hygiene at home. Be sure to brush your teeth twice a day and floss once a day. You should also schedule regular checkups with your general dentist to reduce your risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

We will give you a detailed set of care instruction before you leave our office. If you damage or lose a tray during treatment, do not worry! In most cases, you can move on to the next tray in your series without interruption.

Invisalign Vs. Traditional Braces

Unfortunately, there is a certain stigma associated with wear traditional braces, especially as an adult. While this stigma may be unwarranted, Invisalign may be the answer if you are concerned that braces will affect your personal and professional life.

The Invisalign aligner trays are made from a special type of clear plastic that blends in seamlessly with your smile. Most people won’t even be able to tell you're wearing your trays. Many of our adult patients find this kind of discretion very appealing.

The aligner trays are also more comfortable than traditional braces. The metal brackets, elastic bands, and metal wires associated with braces can often make eating, brushing, and flossing much more difficult. Invisalign treatment also requires far fewer appointments throughout treatment, saving you time and money.

Schedule Your Consultation

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