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Taking steps to protect your oral health is an important move to make when it comes to ensuring that your life is a healthy one. After all, a mouth that suffers from ill-health or other issues is one that might impede your ability to speak, eat, or swallow. With that in mind, our dentist works hard to keep your teeth strong and healthy, and firmly in place right where they belong—in your mouth. Sometimes, however, be it due to injury, decay, or infection, a tooth must be removed from your mouth. When that happens, Dr. Kelly is proud to offer experienced tooth extraction services.

What Is a Tooth Extraction?

A tooth extraction is a process by which a tooth is removed from the jaw. Often known simply as “tooth pulling”, an extraction occurs when the tooth in question is no longer viable. That means that it is no longer an option to keep it in the patient’s mouth without negative results on either current or future oral health. This is often the case with teeth that are extremely decayed. When the decay moves so deep that even a root canal is unable to remove it, then it is time for a tooth extraction. Note that you might also need a tooth extracted if you have been involved in an accident of some kind and have received great trauma to the tooth.

What Is the Tooth Extraction Process?

Dental procedures can cause a great deal of concern in our patients, and we understand that sometimes, just understanding exactly what will happen can help ease that anxiety. With that in mind, let’s go over the basic procedure for a simple tooth extraction. Note that this could change depending on your needs, but that this is how the procedure tends to go for the majority of patients. First, the area in question is numbed to ensure that the patient experiences no discomfort or pain. The tooth is then extracted by using forceps to firmly grab the tooth and by rocking it back and forth to remove it from the root canal. Should the tooth need to be extracted in pieces, then the dentist will focus on carefully removing each piece of tooth in your mouth.

Dr. Kelly Hong and patient smiling about her successful tooth extraction at Kelly Smile Dentistry in Victorville, CA

How Long Does a Tooth Extraction Take?

Tooth extractions are completed in one office visit, you might need to come back in and see us a week or two after the procedure so that we can make sure that everything is healing properly as well as discuss potential restoration options with you. You do not want to leave a space in your gum line as doing so can allow the rest of your teeth to shift. Failing to quickly determine a replacement option can also negatively impact tissue and bone growth in the area, making it more difficult in the future to place something like an implant or dentures.

For more information about tooth extractions and what you can expect, contact Kelly Smile Dentistry today at (442) 229-0766! We are happy to meet with you to discuss your options.

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A tooth extraction is a process by which a tooth is removed from the jaw. Often known simply as 'tooth pulling', an extraction occurs when the tooth in question is no longer viable.
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