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Crown Lengthening
Victorville, CA

Victorville, CA woman smiling about the crown lengthening she received from her cosmetic dentist at Kelly Smile Dentistry.
Regular brushing, flossing, and professional dental cleanings and exams are integral components to maintaining a healthy mouth. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, accidents can happen. Moreover, when they occur, the teeth may be faced with damage that not only affects their appearance but the health of your mouth as well. Crowns are common treatments for damaged teeth, used to restore their function and their aesthetics. However, if you have excess gum tissue, this tissue can interfere with proper crown placement. At Kelly Smile Dentistry, we can remove excess tissue, making crowns possible, with a crown lengthening.

How Are Teeth Damaged?

Damage to your teeth can be the result of several different issues.
•  Facial trauma, which can be caused by things such as a sports injury, a car accident, a fight, or even something as simple as a fall.
•  Tooth decay.
•  Bruxism, or the grinding and clenching of your teeth.

What Is a Crown Lengthening?

When a tooth is badly damaged, it is most commonly restored with a dental crown. For the dental crown to be placed properly, and perform its functions properly, the damaged tooth needs to be prepared. It also requires that enough of the crown of your natural tooth be visible so that the restoration can effectively cover the whole tooth. When you have excess gum tissue, this tissue can block the proper placement of the crown.

In the event of tooth decay and cavities, a common treatment is a filling. If the cavity is at the gum line, the gum tissue can block the thorough removal of the decay. It can also prevent the proper filling of the tooth, which can leave the tooth susceptible to new decay.

Whether a crown is blocked from properly covering a tooth or a cavity is blocked from being properly treated, the affected tooth is at risk for experiencing new complications. The tooth can become infected, or the structure may be compromised. A crown lengthening can help in both of these cases, providing us with the access that we need to completely treat and restore the health, function, and aesthetics of your damaged tooth. This is achieved by removing the excess gum tissue so that we can place the necessary restoration properly.

Crown Lengthening Procedure

A crown lengthening is done under a local anesthetic. If necessary, sedation can also be provided. The procedure begins with small incisions in your gums, which enables us to separate the tissue from the affected teeth and expose the damage. Next, the necessary tissue is removed. In some cases, we may also need to remove a small amount of bone around the tooth for the best results. Finally, the gum tissue is sutured back up against the necks of your teeth, and we can then treat the damaged teeth as needed.

The Benefits of a Crown Lengthening

There are several benefits associated with a crown lengthening procedure.
•  Treatment exposes more surface area of the damaged teeth, enabling proper, effective treatment.
•  Your gum health is improved. The areas around the restoration, whether it is a crown or a filling, are easier to maintain, which can decrease your risk for gum disease.
•  Improved appearance. Restoring damaged teeth improves the quality of your smile, which helps to improve your appearance, and your confidence.

If you have experienced tooth damage, but you have excess gum tissue that prohibits proper crown placement, a crown lengthening can help. Call Kelly Smile Dentistry today to learn more and schedule your consultation at (442) 229-0766.

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At Kelly Smile Dentistry in Victorville, we can remove excess tissue, making crowns possible, with a crown lengthening.
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