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Children's Dentistry
Victorville, CA

Encouraging positive dental hygiene and habits in your young children will impact their current and future dental health. An important aspect of the work we do is educating parents and children on the tips and tools they need for oral hygiene success. By working together, and being diligent, we have seen increasing numbers of young patients reach adulthood without ever experiencing a cavity. Our team at Kelly Smile Dentistry can help you have the information you and your family needs in having and maintaining healthy teeth and gums. We invite you to learn more.

Are cavities a normal part of childhood?

A common misconception that many adults have is concerning cavities. Many adults think that having a cavity, known also as caries, is a normal part of childhood. Though most adults may have experienced a cavity in their youth, this is a not a necessary rite of passage. Parents can help their children never know the discomfort of tooth decay. We can provide the information, tips, and tools to help, including:
•  Home Hygiene:The most important step in your child's dental care is in the work you do at home. There are multiple steps that a parent can take to help their child achieve success. Children under the age of seven need the help of a parent with brushing and flossing. They benefit from seeing you brush by example, from having the properly sized toothbrush, from milder flavored toothpaste, from the use of games or songs to keep their interest, and from you checking the cleanliness of their mouth.
•  Dental Visits: Regular visits to our office is another very important step in your child's oral health. We want your child to feel comfortable coming to the dentist, we take the time to explain the steps, show them the tools, and help them understand the importance of caring for their teeth. Seeing your child young and often helps us grow a professional relationship with your child while also being aware of the progress of their teeth as they grow. This helps us spot potential hazards, and make changes that can help. We may recommend preventive care, restorative care, or orthodontic care.
•  Dental Tools: Preventive care can make a huge difference. Dr. Kelly will review your child's teeth and recommend various preventive treatments as needed. This may include remineralization through fluoride, the application of dental sealants, or the demonstration on brushing and flossing techniques.

What will happen at my child’s first dental visit?

We would love to see your child regularly for dental visits. Our objective for office visits are for both their oral health and to help them become more comfortable in our office. When your child comes, we invite parents to use positive language, express the importance of dental care. We also ask that parents refrain sharing stories from past childhood experiences that use frightening terms such as drill or shots. We want your child to see, touch, and hear the value and importance of dental work. Depending on their age, we may demonstrate various tools, take digital x-rays, and perform a dental cleaning. Parents are always welcomed to stay with younger children, and be available in the waiting room, if needed, for older children. We want to help your child develop a positive mindset in dental care.
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At Kelly Smile Dentistry children's dentistry is very important to us. We want your child to see, touch, and hear the value and importance of dental work.
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