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Aligners Vs. Braces
Victorville, CA

Close up of young woman holding clear aligner and braces demo at Kelly Smile Dentistry in Victorville, CAAs adults, much of our self-confidence can stem from optimal health, careful wardrobe choices, and a friendly, approachable smile. Though many of us do what we can to keep our bodies and mouths in the best shape possible, sometimes life deals us a hand that may leave us with less than preferable teeth. Through the use of modern technology, restoring your teeth can be quite simple, and Kelly Smile Dentistry can help you to achieve your desired results.

Why You May Need Braces

In the earliest stages of orthodontics, braces were a complicated mess that fit over the gums rather than the enamel of your teeth. These days, however, realigning your smile can be one of the easiest things to do to aid in your oral health. Though most people, when their permanent teeth start to come in, usually will seek aid for many issues such as an overbite and severe impaction, sometimes as an adult it may be as much about aesthetics as it is practicality.

The general premise of braces is to move your teeth gently into a new position so your jaw and teeth can not only chew easier but also grant you the capacity to speak easier, too. If you have issues talking due to your teeth overlapping, braces might be the solution you need to get yourself back on the road to the ideal oral health you desire. Any time is a great time to seek aid for your mouth, and with over 4 million people in the country with braces, many of whom are adults, you can feel comfortable knowing you are not alone in your pursuit of a fantastic smile.

Options for Orthodontics

If you are concerned about how you might look as an adult with a mouth filled with metal, much like many teenagers, you may see the different varieties of braces, and that may help you feel better knowing that metal brackets are not the only option you have. Also, if you choose, you may decide to have sublingual braces applied, which are still metallic but are behind the teeth rather than in front of them. This makes them much less obvious and can help you to feel comfortable with your orthodontic treatment.

You may also consider the fact that you can opt for porcelain or ceramic braces rather than the traditional metal ones, because not only can these look closer to your natural tooth color than the shiny metal ones, they might also feel more comfortable, as well. Though one of the perks for many is being able to individualize their braces through the use of fun and stylish colors of rubber bands, you may decide that clear ones can make your orthodontic treatment less obvious.

Those with minor adjustments may find they could benefit better from plastic clear aligners that can be put over the teeth and removed at any time. Though this makes it easier to keep your teeth clean and has less discomfort than traditional braces, it does require a certain level of self-discipline to be able to use aligners, as you should wear them for a minimum of 20 hours a day for best results.

If you are considering braces and would like to know which ones might suit your lifestyle best, please do not hesitate to give Kelly Smile Dentistry a call at (442) 229-0766 to schedule a consultation and get you on the path to a smile you can be proud to share.
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Aligners Vs. Braces | Kelly Smile Dentistry | Victorville, CA
If you considering braces, do not hesitate to give Kelly Smile Dentistry a call to schedule a consultation and get you on the path to a smile you can be proud to share.
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