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Why The Flavor Of The Toothpaste You Use Matters
Posted on 2/28/2020 by Kelly Hong
Why The Flavor Of The Toothpaste You Use MattersDoes wasabi or bacon-flavored toothpaste sound like something you might want to try? Different flavors of toothpaste are now being invented by toothpaste makers.

nusual flavors can make brushing your teeth more fun, not to mention better tasting, especially if you or someone in your family doesn't like toothpaste with a mint flavor. There are some things you need to know when deciding to try new flavors of toothpaste.

Toothpaste Flavor - Does It Really Matter?

Toothpaste aids you in allowing your toothbrush to move over your teeth quickly and readily, plus has abrasives that help remove plaque, which causes cavities. Regular use of toothpaste is the number one factor in healthy oral hygiene. It is recommended that you should brush twice a day in order to remove plaque and food remnants from your teeth. It does not depend on the flavor of toothpaste that you brush with. What is most important in plaque reduction is how long you spend brushing your teeth using the right technique.

There Any Negatives to Brushing Your Teeth with Flavored Toothpaste?

There are some flavored toothpastes that lack fluoride. This is a substance the helps you stave off tooth decay. Fluoride, which is a natural mineral that is used in drinking water and toothpaste, adds minerals to parts of your tooth enamel that has been destroyed by acids. The regular brushing of your teeth with toothpaste that includes fluoride can help rejuvenate some parts of the teeth that have been marred and also stop cavities from ever being created.

If you choose to buy one of the many new flavors of toothpaste, which include eggplant, cupcake, or chocolate, make sure you read the list of what is in them. If the toothpaste has no fluoride in it, you may be doing damage your oral health. If you opt to brush with some of the more unusual flavors, like curry, bacon, or pickle, you might find that although they taste good, they probably will not help keep your breath as fresh as it would be with a traditional mint toothpaste.

Whatever flavor of toothpaste you try, it is of utmost importance that your teeth get the proper amount of fluoride. Mouthwashes are also an important part of the puzzle as the ones with fluoride can help make up for the lack of fluoride in some toothpastes. If you have questions about the best toothpaste types or flavors, or need to come in for a checkup or dental cleaning, we can help. Please call us to set up your next dental appointment.
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