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Power Toothbrushes Require Just as Much Consideration as Regular Toothbrushes, If Not More

Posted on 1/25/2020 by Kelly Hong
Power Toothbrushes Require Just as Much Consideration as Regular Toothbrushes, If Not MorePower toothbrushes-aka electric, mechanical, or automated-come with brush heads that move by rechargeable electric or battery power. They can help boost your dental health and oral hygiene, but you want to do your research to ensure that your power toothbrush is effective and worth the investment.

From built-in pressure sensors to 2-minute alerts, power toothbrushes can customize and enhance your brushing routine, but here are some important things to consider when looking to invest in a power toothbrush.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Power toothbrushes offer many different benefits, depending on the user's needs. For instance, they are helpful for those with arthritis and those who have been disabled. It is recommended that those with braces, poor oral hygiene habits, or who brush another's teeth as a caregiver use a power toothbrush. Other ways that power toothbrushes are beneficial include providing motivation to brush more, better plaque removal with less abrasion and pressure, and ergonomic handles.

As power toothbrushes increase in price, other features include tongue cleaning systems and built-in toothpaste dispensers. Disadvantages of mechanical toothbrushes include more effort and time to maintain and clean them, as they should be sanitized after each use, heads and/or chargers will need replacement. You also want to read user reviews of the product you are considering, to ensure that there aren't faulty parts, such as a leaky battery compartment.

Other Features and Considerations

Whether battery-powered, rechargeable, electric, or manual, each category of toothbrush has its benefits for your oral care routine. Manual toothbrushes typically range from $1 to $4, making them the least expensive. For a few dollars more, you can buy a battery-powered one, and an electric one is the most expensive option. It's very important to discuss your toothbrush with your dentist and ask for recommendations that might better complement your oral hygiene routine.

Wondering if your toothbrush is really boosting your oral care routine? Contact our office for more information about how a power toothbrush might be a great option for you.
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