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What to Do and Avoid When a Dental Emergency Occurs

Posted on 11/15/2019 by Kelly Hong
What to Do and Avoid When a Dental Emergency OccursNo matter how careful you are with yourself or the safety of your children, dental emergencies will come up. This most important tip is to stay calm. You are not any good to yourself or others if you are in shambles.

While we know what emergencies require calling 911, many others don't know what should happen in a dental emergency. Here are some dental emergency guidelines.

Identify if the Emergency Room Immediate Care

We can treat most issues at our office; However, never wait for an appointment if the pain is too high or if a fever starts. When a toothache has suddenly come on and before you make it to your scheduled appointment, it swells rapidly. This is a sign of pus filling the interior of the tooth causing the tooth to abscess. You may start to feel a fever, this is when it's time to immediately go to the E.R. Do not wait. The bacteria can spread to the bloodstream, causing severe bodily issues.

Dental Emergency's to See Us for Quickly

When a tooth has been knocked out, it's important to call us immediately. If seen within two hours, we might save the tooth. If the tooth can be slid back into the socket, do so until you see us. If it won't fit put it in a sealed cup of milk to protect it.

For any loose, chipped or cracked teeth. Call us and apply gauze for any bleeding. For problems with fillings and crowns falling off, call us for an appointment but it isn't critical. Go to your local pharmacy store and purchase some dental glue. This can protect your tooth until we see you.

If you have further questions, we know of the loads of situations that can arise with your mouth. When in doubt, pick up the phone and call us. We are here to assist your annual needs and times of emergency.
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