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How to Tell if a Filling Breaks

Posted on 6/15/2019 by Kelly Hong
How to Tell if a Filling BreaksNearly everyone has a dental filling- over 91% of Americans over the age 20 have at least one filling. Fillings are a tried and true way to fill in a tooth that had a cavity and save it from additional damage. As much as possible, we want your teeth to be preserved and healthy, because a healthy tooth is the best thing for your mouth.

There are times, however, that a filling, especially an older one, may begin to decay or break down. Eventually, a filling could break, which means that you will need to have it repaired. How can you tell if a filling breaks? We have some answers for you.

Signals You May Have a Broken Filling

The first signal you will notice if you have a broken filling is if you are having pain. Depending on where your filling is, you have more pain when you are biting down. The pain may be dull at first, but the pain may increase in intensity depending on what you are eating.

You may also notice that your tooth is aching at other times when you are not chewing on something and may feel more like a typical toothache. This may clue you in that something is wrong with the filling, and you may need to have the tooth looked at. There could possibly be another cavity forming on the filled tooth as well.

Believe it or not, a dental checkup may also determine whether or not you have a broken filling. When a filling is recently broken, you may not even notice anything is wrong. A dental checkup, with careful observations and x-rays, may determine whether or not your filling has broken.

If you have questions about your fillings, or you think one of your fillings could be broken, why not give us a call? We would love to make you an appointment to have your fillings checked out!

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