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Why Telling Us About Dental Fears Can Give You the Strength to Overcome Them

Posted on 5/15/2019 by Kelly Hong
Why Telling Us About Dental Fears Can Give You the Strength to Overcome ThemHave you ever told someone about your dental fears only to hear that you should just “suck it up”? Sadly, many people with dental anxiety have been on the receiving end of such “advice”, and it does little to actually help with the situation.

Dental fear, anxieties, and phobias are very real conditions, and at their worst, they may prevent you from visiting our office when needed. Fortunately, telling us about your concerns is a great way to ease your discomfort and may be the first step you need to overcome them.

Tell Us about Your Dental Fears

The first step in getting past your fears is really to tell us about them. You can do this at your appointment, or if you'd feel better letting us know beforehand, please give our office a call. Fortunately, with advances in dental technology, there are things that we can do to make you feel more comfortable. Anything from laughing gas to conscious sedation can be used depending on the procedure.

Let Us Make Recommendations
In addition to the services that we have to offer in our office, we can also make recommendations that will leave you feeling more comfortable. Many people feel better about their experience if they bring along a support person.

Others are put at ease if they can listen to music or an audio book, so we encourage you to bring in headphones to use throughout your appointment. Making a few simple dietary changes on the day of your appointment – such as eating high-protein foods and avoiding caffeine – can also leave you feeling more relaxed.

If your dental fears get the best of you, you may find yourself skipping important dental appointments. We want to avoid this situation at all costs, so please let us know if you experience any dental anxiety. We are here to help.

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