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Taking Care of Your Teeth After Adult Braces

Posted on 3/15/2019 by Kelly Hong
Taking Care of Your Teeth After Adult BracesGetting braces as an adult is getting more and more common. They give you a straighter, more confident smile, plus they allow you to have a healthier smile.

However, you need to make sure that once those braces come off, you still do what you can to keep that healthy smile. Just because the braces are done, does not mean your attention to your teeth is done.

How to Care for Your Teeth After Adult Braces

The first thing to do is to make sure you are not biting down on anything hard. It takes time for your teeth to solidify into place after your braces come off. If you bite on something hard during this time, it could cause your tooth to shift. Eating regular foods is fine, just make sure you are not chewing on something so hard it could cause your teeth to move around.

Next, you want to make sure you are not forgetting to care for your teeth each day like normal. You still need to brush twice daily, rinse with a really good mouthwash at least once each day, and floss well at least once daily. This was your routine before braces, and still needs to be your routine now.

Finally, you also need to make sure you are coming in to see us on your regular schedule. We need to check out your teeth every six months, whether you had braces or not. It is very important that you have our office check the health of your mouth, and clean your teeth, twice each year. Plus, if you notice any problems between cleanings, you need to come in and see us then, too.

Caring for your teeth once your braces come off is much like it was before you got braces. We still need to see you regularly, so call for an appointment with us today!
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