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Ways of Keeping Your Enamel Thick and Strong

Posted on 1/25/2019 by Kelly Hong
Ways of Keeping Your Enamel Thick and StrongThe enamel plays an important role in protecting your teeth and maintaining a beautiful, white smile. Unfortunately, daily habits can weaken the enamel and cause it to thin, but if you follow some simple tips, you can keep your enamel thick and strong.

Choose A Toothpaste with Fluoride

The American Dental Association recommends fluoride in order to fight cavities, as it works to strengthen the enamel. Fluoride will also make your teeth, acid-resistant, protecting it from the acids produced by bacteria and foods in your mouth. To maintain strong enamel, you should start using fluoridated toothpaste as a child and continue throughout your life.

Eat Foods that Are High in Calcium

Calcium is a necessity if you want to maintain healthy and strong teeth. This nutrient works to re-mineralize the enamel, protecting it from acid attacks and other damage. To ensure you get enough calcium in your diet, incorporate dairy products, nuts, and leafy greens into your daily meals.

Avoid Acidic Beverages

If you want to maintain healthy enamel, you should choose water instead of juice or soda the next time that you are thirsty. Acidic drinks like fruit juice and soda can wear away at the enamel, which will eventually contribute to yellowing of the teeth. Water is an enamel-friendly choice and offers a wealth of oral health benefits to your mouth.

Use a Proper Brushing Technique

Over-brushing can damage the enamel, especially if you brush too hard or too fast. Maintain a proper brushing technique by holding a soft-bristled brush at a 45-degree angle to the gums. Then, use short, gentle strokes to move the brush back and forth in your mouth, and try to avoid aggressive brushing.

Regular dental checkups are also important in maintaining healthy enamel and strong, healthy teeth. Give our office a call today to set up your next appointment.
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